Ignite, Connect, Thrive: Owlsmoor PTA Unleashed!

Step into the heartbeat of Owlsmoor PTA, a community weaving laughter, connections, and unforgettable moments into the fabric of education.


Meet the incredible Owlsmoor PTA Committee—our dedicated volunteers. Join our annual AGM, where everyone is welcome, and new members can step up. These wonderful volunteers work tirelessly to keep our PTA running smoothly all year.
Feeling inspired? We'd love you to take the lead in planning, organizing, and managing some of our exciting events. Share your fundraising ideas or thoughts on how we can make our PTA even better—we're all ears! Get in touch with us at owlsmoorschoolpta@gmail.com
Your enthusiasm and ideas are the sparks that make 
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We get it—joining the PTA might feel like a big step. That's why we've introduced PTA Lite!

It’s a laid-back group on WhatsApp where parents/carers can pitch in at events whenever they can. No pressure! If you’re up for it, fantastic. If not, maybe next time! 

Want to join? Just shoot us an email at owlsmoorschoolpta@gmail.com with your name and phone number. We’d love to have you on board!

PTA Committee Members 2023-24

Meet the team

The PTA is made up of 3 main roles and a comittee of others who meet regulary to plan events and work with the school on how to spend the well earned money we raise.

Matt Pyman

Rachel Barnett

Simon Potter

Da-Hae West 

Bianca Peebles

Shelley Pyman

Jemma Sullivan

Kirsty Coy