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Step into a community where every contribution counts, and shared moments create lasting impact. Owlsmoor PTA is your gateway to making a difference and fostering connections that matter. Join us in shaping memorable experiences and supporting our school's growth.

Firework Display at Owlsmoor Primary School at Night

Helping The School Help Your Children

If your child is part of the Owlsmoor Primary School community or you’re a dedicated staff member, congratulations – you’re already a valued member of our vibrant Parent Teacher Association!

At Owlsmoor, we believe in creating memorable moments for our children and their families. Our PTA is the heartbeat of this community, working tirelessly to organise enjoyable events that bring joy to our school life.

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Thank you for your incredible support! Together, we raised an amazing £28,000 in 2021 – 2022, making a significant impact on Owlsmoor Primary School.
Your generosity is truly appreciated!

In the academic year 2022-2023, thanks to the success of our previous fundraising efforts and ongoing support throughout the year, the PTA has successfully funded the following items

Enhancing Learning, One Event At A Time

Outdoor Facilities

A trim trail, 10m x 5m shelter on the field, playground markings and wall signs, Key Stage 1 Shelter, fake grass for Kingfishers outdoor area, pond clearing, new playground equipment, replaced all the water fountains in the playgrounds

Classroom Additions

Classroom carpet for the three year 1 classrooms, Chair for the Library, New Dictionaries, New musical instruments, new tablets,

Events & Suprises

Chick hatching experience, bouncy castles, subsidised theatre trips, trophies for Year 6, in-school Christmas Panto for 2023, Discos throughout the school year

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Your one-time donation ensures a steady positive impact between our major events throughout the year. Support Owlsmoor Primary School's continuous improvement and enrich the daily educational experience for our children.Make a lasting difference – donate today!

Make a lasting difference – donate today!

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Step into a whirlwind of fun with Owlsmoor Primary School PTA! 

From electrifying school discos to dazzling fireworks, belly laughs at comedy nights to the sweet delight of Krispy Kreme sales—our PTA events are where memories are made! 

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Firework Display at Owlsmoor Primary School at Night